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Engineering Week Spotlight: Jacki Fox

Engineering Week Spotlight: Jacki Fox

Allow us to introduce you to our resident Mathematician and Electrical engineer, Jacki Fox! Jacki uses her Electrical Engineering degree to design and build test boxes to validate production circuit boards used in Great Plains Industries’ products. To say that she is hard-working would be an understatement, as she finished her first degree in mathematics while pregnant, then went back to school for engineering all while her husband was deployed, she was taking care of two children, and they were buying a house and moving!

Jacki and her family love to play board games, and I guess you would say she is an engineer through and through because they have a 3D printer, CNC router, laser engraver and circuit and embroidery machine and they love to work on projects at home. She finds her husband’s line of work interesting – he is a service engineer that repairs CT and MRI machines, so I guess she really found her calling in engineering!

The engineering field is evolving, and Jacki does feel that there are more women going into STEM fields. She also notices that there are more fields emerging within engineering. We are happy to see the exciting changes within the engineering field and are thrilled to see more women enter into it.

Thank you, Jacki, for all the hard work you put in for GPI!
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