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National Safety Month: Austin Vaughan

National Safety Month: Austin Vaughan

Austin Vaughan is safe at GPI and beyond. When he first started his job, GPI was short on first responders, and he thought it would be a good experience. He was going through the police department recruiting process because he wanted to help protect the community. In his 3 ½ years at the company, Austin learns more every day. He loves knowing how to operate machinery & assemble parts – and his coworkers are pretty awesome too.   

Outside of work, Austin loves to ride motorcycles and in addition to wearing the necessary safety gear, he reminds himself regularly how much more dangerous motorcycle accidents are than car accidents. This enables him to make wise decisions while riding.   

Austin’s safety tip:

"Always check to make sure your electronic appliances are turned off before bed to avoid electrical fires."

Thanks Austin, for helping keep GPI a safe and fun place to work! 

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