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Women In Manufacturing: Tracie Shumard

Women In Manufacturing: Tracie Shumard

Tracie Shumard came to Great Plains Industries in 2016 at the suggestion of her dear friend Lois, who was the warehouse lead at the time. With no previous experience, she was a bit nervous about whether she would be able to meet the company’s needs. It turned out the position was a great fit for her, and she really enjoys her job in the warehouse. 

Currently she is the water strider, but she has held every position in warehouse including line server, shipping/receiving clerk, and frequently as trainer! Tracie, also a member of the safety committee, says,

“Keeping everyone safe is our number one goal!!”   

Fast forward 8 years and Tracie feels very blessed to get to work at such a great company. She has the flexibility of being able to work independently and to also come together as a team with others to get the job done. Her favorite thing about coming to work is definitely the people she works for and with, sharing,

“When you work with others who make you feel appreciated and acknowledged, it makes for a much more positive work environment.” 

Tracie does encourage women to work in manufacturing, especially on our team, stating,

“It is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice with plenty of opportunity for growth and the chance to make a real impact.” 

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