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OM Series Mechanical Oval Gear Meters

Volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids

Volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids

The FLOMEC® OM Large Capacity Oval Gear meters are suitable for applications for safe area metering of fuel oils, lubricants, and other non-flammable viscous chemicals.

OM Mechanical meters are well suited to precise measurement of fuels, oils, and various other clean industrial liquids. This range of meters provides many of the advantages of the electronic version of the OM-Series meters with a rugged mechanical display that provides trouble-free installation and usage in remote areas or areas with no power.

OM Series Oval Gear flow meters are perfect for measuring the transfer of thick or non-conductive liquids.

Sizes: 1/2-inch – 4-inch (15mm-100mm) Pipe Sizes | Flows from 0.26GPM - 660 GPM (1L/min – 2500L/min) with mechanical display


Accuracy: See Data Sheet
Pressure Rating:

See Data Sheet

Temp Range:

5° F to 176° F (-15° C to 80° C)

Flow Range: See Data Sheet


CE, NEMA 3S/4, IP54/65


  • High accuracy oval gear technology with low-pressure drop can be used in gravity-fed applications
  • No requirement for flow conditioning or straight pipe runs makes them ideal for compact installations with limited space
  • Robust aluminum mechanical registers
  • Optional air eliminator/strainers


Typical applications include dispensing or bulk transfer of: 

  • Diesel fuel
  • Biofuels
  • Glycols / Anti-Freeze
  • Lubricating oils and greases