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RT14 Flow Rate Totalizer

For users who require a more sophisticated local display

For users who require a more sophisticated local display

FLOMEC® LCD display RT14 is a fully programmable, self-powered flow rate totalizer specifically designed for computing & displaying flow rates & totals from flowmeters with pulse, sine wave or frequency outputs. The instrument displays resettable (batch) total, accumulated total and instantaneous flow rates in engineering units as programmed by the user. Flowmeter inputs: suitable use with most pulse/frequency output meters such as reed switch, coil, voltage pulse (Wiegand), NPN and PNP.


Scaled and unscaled pulse outputs allow transmission of accumulated flow data to remote control systems. Flow alarms are available to protect flow systems from flow rates that are ‘high’, ‘low’, or both, and an analogue 4-20mA signal offers flow rate monitoring and control by accurately transmitting flow rate readings from the flowmeter to your PLC or PID control system.


Simple PIN protected flowchart programming with English prompts guide you through the programming routine greatly reducing the need to refer to the instruction manual.

Owner's Manuals

LCD Display: 8 digit alpha-numeric LCD display with 12 mm characters with backlight (when connected to external power)

Engineering Units: Liter, mL, Gallon, Quart, Cubic Meter, Pounds, Kilograms or Nil

Operating Temp:

-22° F to 176° F (-30° C to 80° C)




  • Self or external powered, 8-digit LCD total & 8-digit cumulative totalizer, 5-digit rate display
  • Robust IP66/67-NEMA4X universal mount glass reinforced nylon enclosure with rubberized buttons and polycarbonate lens
  • GRN field & panel mountable housing
  • Scaled pulse, 4-20mA (Loop Powered) Output, multi-point linearization of flow input or frequency inputs
  • Flow alarm for high, low or high/low
  • PIN protected programming
  • Simple flowchart touch key programming
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Non-volatile memory, Long battery life
  • Flowmeter and pipe mount kits available


  • Mounted either direct to the meter or remotely mounted in safe areas
  • Connections to PLC available
  • Total, Accumulated Flowrate display
  • 10 point Linearisation