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Great Plains Industries is home to our GPI®, GPRO®, and FLOMEC® brands. We are known for top-tier reliability and accuracy in fluid transfer and fluid measurement applications. Whether you require a reliable manual hand pump or standard-duty gear pump, GPI pumps offer the perfect solution. For heavy-duty professional grade demands, explore our GPRO carbon vane pumps, designed to exceed expectations.
GPI, GPRO, and FLOMEC meters are designed to deliver precise and dependable metering in a variety of fluid applications, including fuel, water, solvents, and chemical processes. These flow meters are optimized for accuracy and reliability using turbine, oval gear, ultrasonic, and nutating disc technologies.
Whether you need metering solutions for turf-irrigation, water distribution systems, fuel transfer operations, solvent handling, or chemical processing, our flow meters deliver consistent results. Explore our offerings for end-of-hose metering, inline metering, or pump-mounted metering applications, and find the perfect fit for your fluid measurement needs.



  • National Safety Month: Austin Vaughan

    National Safety Month: Austin Vaughan

    Austin Vaughan is safe at GPI and beyond. When he first started his job, GPI was short on first responders, and he thought it would be a good experience. He was going through the police department recruiting process because he...

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  • National Safety Month: Ben Beranek

    National Safety Month: Ben Beranek

    Ben Beranek started his career at GPV 7 years ago as Wellness Coordinator.  When it was recognized that there is a significant correlation between safety and wellness initiatives, it prompted his proactive pursuit of understanding company safety protocols and OSHA...

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  • National Safety Month: John Carr

    National Safety Month: John Carr

    At work, public events and even staying home, John Carr considers situational awareness vital. He believes that being aware of what’s happening with the people around him is key to safety and security, stating, “Medical emergencies as well as acts of...

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