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FLOMEC RT40 Flow Rate Totalizer

FLOMEC® Totalizer Series

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The FLOMEC® RT40 Flow Rate Totalizer is a perfect choice for users who require a simple display to read flow rate or totalized volume from a flow meter. The configurable digital output (pulse or alarm) also makes the RT40 well-suited for use with a fuel management system, PLC, or a remote data logger.

The RT40 is a cost-effective solution for economic operations, seamlessly integrating with FLOMEC Oval Gear, Turbine, and Insertion meters equipped with a pulse output. This streamlined compatibility enhances data analysis at a glance, eliminating the necessity for intricate systems in simple installations.

Features & Benefits

  • Economic and robust LCD display suitable for mining, truck, or industrial installations
  • Large backlit LCD screen (External power required)
  • Battery or externally powered; battery life span is five years under ideal conditions
  • Robust IP66 (NEMA 4) Aluminium or IP66/67 glass reinforced nylon enclosures
  • Configurable digital output (External power required) can be set as a pulse output for retransmitting flow readings to an FMS, PLC, or data logger
  • Digital output can be set as a flow alarm to notify system faults, such as insufficient lubrication to a bearing
  • Five-point linearization allows significant improvement in accuracy for most positive displacement or turbine flow meters
  • Quadrature input allows measurement of bidirectional flow (with suitable flow meter
  • Universal inputs compatible with most positive displacement or turbine flow meters
  • Intuitive user experience with built-in diagnostics for faster commissioning and troubleshooting of issues
Housing Type: GRN - Universal Mount
Electrical Access: 3 x 6mm drilled holes
Max Working Temperature:
-22° F to 176° F (-30° C to 80° C)
CE. Complies with the requirements of the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC.
Manuals / Documents
What's in the Box
RT40 Totalizer, (1) AA battery - 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li/SOCl2) (installed), (1) strain relief, (4) mounting screws, owner's manual

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