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Precision Batching Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Oval Gear Meters

Precision Batching Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Oval Gear Meters

Oval gear meters are particularly well-suited for batching applications due to their unique design and characteristics. Whether you are manufacturing products or dispensing fluids, these meters ensure consistent quality and quantity by delivering precise measurements every time. Here's a closer look at how oval gear meters excel in such applications: 

  1. Precision Measurement: 
    Oval gear meters provide exceptional accuracy and repeatability. In batching processes, precise measurement is crucial to ensure consistent product quality and quantity when manufacturing or to make repeatable volumes for dispensing and filling fluids. The intermeshing oval gears create a precise chamber volume, resulting in minimal fluid slippage and highly repeatable batches.

  2. Positive Displacement Design: 
    Oval gear meters operate on the principle of positive displacement. Each rotation of the gears corresponds to a fixed volume of fluid. If the resolution of the pulses is high, very accurate small batches can be achieved. This design ensures that the exact amount of liquid is measured during each batch, making it ideal for batching applications. 

  3. Viscosity Tolerance: 
    Batching often involves handling fluids with varying viscosities. Oval gear meters handle this diversity effectively. Whether dealing with thick oils or thin liquids, oval gear meters ensure accurate measurements, with only the flow range being affected by viscosity variations. 

  4. Low Pressure Drop: 
    Oval gear meters have minimal pressure drop across the system. This is crucial for batching processes where maintaining consistent pressure is essential. Low pressure drop ensures efficient flow without unnecessary strain on components or high pumping costs.  

  5. Versatility: 
    These meters are versatile and can measure both high and low viscosity fluids accurately. Whether you’re batching lubricants, chemicals, fuels or food bases, oval gear meters adapt well. Pure water from reverse osmosis or deionization can be batched with an oval gear meter accurately. Mag flow meters can’t be used as where the water has no conductivity. 

  6. Compact Design: 
    Space efficiency matters in batching equipment. Oval gear meters come in compact packages, making them suitable for tight installations. They integrate seamlessly into dispensing machinery and other equipment without a requirement for flow conditioning. The meter can be placed directly after a pump or before a valve without affecting its accuracy. 

  7. Temperature and Viscosity Independence: 
    Oval gear meters are unaffected by changes in temperature, pressure, or viscosity. This independence ensures consistent measurements even when operating conditions vary. 

Oval gear meters embody precision, viscosity tolerance, and reliability —qualities essential for accurate batching processes in various industries. 


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