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Engineering Week Spotlight: Taylor Goldsmith

Engineering Week Spotlight: Taylor Goldsmith

You probably didn’t know that Great Plains Industries has a former record-holding college athlete working in its engineering department! Taylor Goldsmith has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University where he was also a participant in indoor track. Taylor held a WSU record for a number of years in the weight throw event.

During his time at WSU, Taylor started as an intern at Great Plains Industries. Nearly 9 years later, he has worked on notable projects like the M30 mechanical fuel meter, and the V25 and V20 modular vane, fuel transfer pumps.

Taylor credits his early interest in Legos and his curiosity of how things work with his decision to enter the engineering field. Curious, creative, not afraid to challenge the norm, always learning/seeking better solutions, problem solving, critical thinking are all traits he says make for a great engineer and things he embodies himself. When asked what his dream engineering job was, he said he would create the next big gadget and retire early; we can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

When speaking of the Great Plains Industries work environment, Taylor had this to say,

“It is a good work environment when everyone is on the same page. We all want to put the best product out there that we can. At the same time, we are not all robots and can connect on a human level too.”

We appreciate Taylor’s hard work, and while we hope he gets rich inventing this future-state gadget, we are thrilled to have him until then!

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