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1-Inch PPS, High-Accuracy Chemical Flow Meter with RT40 Rate Totalizer


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Trusted by farmers and other industry professionals, the OM025PPS is the perfect flow meter for AG Chem mixing and spraying applications. Simplify and streamline your work!
Read more about OM025 and AG Chem mixing.

This FLOMEC product is built to order and typically has a lead time of 4 weeks

After placing your order a GPI representative will contact you regarding the lead time and availability for this item.

Recommended for use with these liquids:

DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) | Non-aromatic / Non-halogenated Organic Chemicals | Petroleum Products including Fuels, Oils, and Grease

The FLOMEC® Chemical Flow Meter provides precise volumetric flow measurement of a broad range of clean water-based products and aggressive chemicals and is also suitable for DEF, fuel oils, and lubricating liquids. Applications include batching, dosing, or packaging of various corrosive chemicals as a more economical alternative to a complete 316 stainless steel meter for liquids such as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) / AdBlue. NOT suitable for strong acids and oxidizers.

The FLOMEC RT40 Flow Rate Totalizer LCD display is specifically designed for displaying flow rates and totals from flow meters with pulse, sine wave, or frequency outputs. The instrument displays re-settable (batch) total, cumulative total, and instantaneous flow rate in engineering units programmable by the user. 

This meter meets ISO 22241-2 Annex C, D, E, F, G, H, I, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)/Adblue standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Rate totalizer with backlit large-digit LCD with GRN housing (with gallons calibration)
  • PPS Rotors, No Bearing
  • FKM (Viton™) 5º F minimum (-15º C) O-Ring material
  • High accuracy & repeatability, direct reading flow meter
  • No requirement for flow conditioning (straight pipe runs)
  • Measures high & low viscosity liquids
  • Quadrature pulse output option & bi-directional flow. Contact GPI Product Support for options
  • Optional NMI Pattern Approval (Australia Only)
Product Model Options: 1-inch FNPT Inlet and Outlet, Displays Gallon Units
Flow Range:
2.6 - 40 GPM (10-150 L/min) @ 3cP
Accuracy of Reading:
+/- 0.5%
Oval Gear
Working Pressure:
174 PSI (12 bar)
Max Working Temperature:
176° F (80° C) Maximum
1 in. FNPT
1 in. FNPT
CE, NEMA 4, IP65
Manuals / Documents

  • PPS meters are used for non-aromatic/non-halogenated organic chemicals, water-based liquids, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and petroleum products including oils and grease, fuels, and fuel oils. It is unsuitable for strong acids and oxidizers.
  • PPS meters with standard ceramic rotor pins are suitable for applications where stainless steel is not suited or permitted.

What's in the Box
1-inch PPS oval gear flow meter with FNPT fittings, RT40 backlit rate totalizer

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