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Overhaul Kit for EZ-8 Fuel Transfer Pump, Mfg before 2016

GPI® Genuine Part

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(1) Motor shaft key, (2) gears, (1) poppet seal, (1) motor shaft seal, (1) switch lever seal, (1) gear coverplate seal, and (1) switch coverplate seal

Everything you need in one convenient set, the EZ8 pump Rebuild kit is the perfect addition to any garage or workshop. The handy kit includes a motor shaft key, two gears, & a set of replacement seals.

USER-FRIENDLY - Overhaul kit for GPI model EZ-8 fuel transfer pumps manufactured on or before Jan. 8, 2016.

GPI GENUINE PARTS - Includes motor shaft key (1), gears (2), and an entire set of replacement seals (5) to get you back up to factory performance specifications

MADE IN THE USA - From globally sourced components

GPI Genuine Parts & Accessories are tested and approved for use with GPI fuel transfer pumps and are backed by a 90 day limited manufacturer’s warranty

PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE - Monday through Friday factory support located in the middle of the USA


EZ-8 Fuel Transfer Pumps

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
JB Spears

Good kit - Not your issue but I dropped and lost the key for the drive pulley - I re-used the old one -

William Finch
Easy fix

I bought a used toy hauler with a gas station that didn't work; the pump would pop the fuse. I searched on forums and YouTube for what could be wrong. I found a common problem is over time the nylon impeller gears swell and will bind to the point the motor cannot spin them. Replacing these gears is super simple, remove four hex head screws on a cover plate, remove old gears, pop in new ones (don't forget keyway) and reinstall cover with new O-ring. I filled the pump inlet with WD40 to prime. Use this one to teach your first grader how to spin a wrench - really, it's that easy!

Thanks for your feedback, William! We're glad it was an easy fix.

-Customer Support

Jack Wheat
Fast and Easy

The Kit fit perfectly and was easy to use to replace the worn components. Only took 30 minutes.