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FLOMEC Frequently Asked Questions


How do I test my meter to be sure it is accurate?

The easiest and best way to test your calibration is to fill up a known container. First you reset your batch total to zero. Then you start your flow and fill up a known container. If you filled up a 5 gallon container then your display should read 5.00 gallons

What happens if I try to meter below the minimum flow range of my turbine meter?

In general you can expect a turbine meter to keep counting below its minimum range, but it will lose some of its accuracy. Normally it will completely stop at ½ of its published minimum flow. For example a ½ in. meter that reads between 1 and 10 GPM will be able to stretch down to around ½ of a gallon per minute. Keep in mind that nothing below the published minimum flow is guaranteed, and not all turbines will give this much extra performance.

What happens if air goes through my turbine meter?

Turbine meters can not tell the difference between air and liquid. It just knows the turbine is spinning, so any reading will be inaccurate if air is going through the turbine. Another reason to not put air through a turbine is potential damage. The air will make it spin extra fast, with no liquid for lubrication damage can occur. When the liquid gets there it can hit the turbine like a hammer. It is recommended to slowly bleed the air out of the lines then reset the meter total.

What lengths of pipe does GPI recommend before and after their meters such that they provide accurate readings?

You want to take the diameter of the meter times 10 on the inlet and times 5 on the outlet. For a 1 in. meter this would be 10 in. of straight 1 ft pipe going in and 5 in. of straight 1 ft pipe coming out. If you cannot do this you will not make the meter worthless, but you cut into the accuracy.

How can I tell if my meter is in the factory calibration mode?

If your meter says FAC or PRESET in the top right corner, then it is in the factory calibration mode and is set for water and water-like fluids.

Do FLOMEC Meters come with a calibration report?

The G Series, G2 Series and A1 Series Meters all come with a calibration report. This report is the data of the output of the meter at several flowrate points and will meet or exceed the advertised accuracy of the meter over the recommended flow range. This report should not be confused with a calibration certificate. (If a certificate is needed, request one from GPI.)

Is a NIST Certificate available on your meters?

Yes, there is a NIST certificate available for the G Series, G2 Series, A1 Series, TM Series and QSE Series Meters. The NIST certificate must be ordered with a new meter or the meter must, for an additional cost, be returned and retested.

How do I calibrate my OM oval gear meter to the fluid I need to measure?

Oval gear meters are positive displacement meters, they will not need to be recalibrated to different viscosities.

My turbine meter is counting when there is no flow.

The electronics are likely sensing a magnetic field. Remove the display and move it away from that location. If the counting slows or stops, there is a magnetic field. Air passing through the turbine meter is also a possibility here.


The display on my old FLOMEC meter turns off when it is not in use, but my new one always stays on. How do I turn it off to conserve battery power?

The current version of the display on FLOMEC meters has a new processor that uses much less power. This has given us the ability to let the display stay on 100% of the time. The best advantage gained from this change is the greatly extended battery life. The batteries will last approximately two years.

My display is upside down; can I rotate the display 180 degrees?

Yes, you can take the display off of the 01, TM, A1 and G2 series meters and rotate them 180 degrees. Remove the (4) Phillips head screws from the displays, then remove the display (there will be no leaks). Rotate the display 180 degrees and reattach.

Can I remotely mount my existing display?

Yes, you can purchase a FM Approved Remote Kit (part # 113275-1). You can take the existing display off of your TM, A1 or G2 series meters, and put the remote kit in its place. At the other end of the remote kit is a box that is designed to be panel mounted. The existing display can then be installed on the remote box.


What kind of warranty does GPI offer?

Our products are warranted against manufacturer defect. If you are experiencing a problem with your GPI product, call Customer Service at 888-996-3837 and we will assist in troubleshooting the problem and advise on how to proceed. If possible, please note the model and serial number of the meter.

How long is the warranty on my meter?

Most of the meters and meter products feature a two-year warranty. Replacement parts typically feature a 90-day warranty. If you are uncertain, call Customer Service at 888-996-3837.

I’ve lost my owner’s manual for my meter. Is it available to download?

Yes. Note that if your meter features a display or other electronics, you may need more than one manual. The manuals are available on product pages, and can also be found here:

FLOMEC Owners Manuals & Instructions

Do you sell your products direct to users?

Customers have a variety of buying options available. Utilize our distributor locator to find a local partner to assist you with sales and service of FLOMEC products and more. You may also use our website or our Product Support team for purchasing assistance: shop online or call 888-996-3837.