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National Safety Month: Ben Beranek

National Safety Month: Ben Beranek

Ben Beranek started his career at GPV 7 years ago as Wellness Coordinator.  When it was recognized that there is a significant correlation between safety and wellness initiatives, it prompted his proactive pursuit of understanding company safety protocols and OSHA regulations through different trainings and the mentorship of GPI’s safety and security manager, Ken Spear. In Ben’s own words: 

"I believe that GPI implements various approaches and demonstrates a genuine commitment to employee safety and well-being. GPI fosters a culture where safety is not just a priority but a core value. They empower employees to actively contribute to safety initiatives with involvement in the safety committee and recognize individuals and teams for their contributions to improving safety. GPI provides comprehensive safety training tailored to specific job roles and hazards, as well as offering ongoing training to keep employees refreshed on emerging risks. GPI continues to invest in cutting edge technology to enhance ergonomics in various workstations to reduce injury risk for employees. GPI promotes, encourages, and allows employee participation in GPV wellness program initiatives which offer resources and support in areas such as stress management, nutrition, and physical activity to promote overall health and resilience. GPI has established a systematic process for evaluating and improving safety performance through regular audits, inspections, incident investigations, and feedback, which encourages an employee mindset of continuous learning and adaptation for ongoing improvement in safety practices."

Ben is a frequent visitor at all GPV companies, as his role is to help facilitate the development and implementation of safety and wellness program initiatives, aimed at fostering a culture of health and safety within the workplace. 

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his 1 ½ year old son and exploring new things with him. He says that becoming a first-time parent is a whole new experience with home safety, so he and his wife have done a lot around the house to childproof different items and make their home a safe environment for their son. He also enjoys lifting weights (and torturing others in bootcamp classes) and all other types of exercise, but lifting weights helps him alleviate life stressors and clear his mind.   

We cannot express our gratitude enough for all the work you put in to help keep GPI – and all the companies - a safe place to work. 

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