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Product Support Expert: Randy McDonald

Product Support Expert: Randy McDonald

Randy McDonald has been with Great Plains Industries for seven years, following seven years as a fuel technician, installing and supporting various fuel and fuel-related systems and twelve years troubleshooting and supporting avionics and electrical systems on Learjet and Cessna aircraft. That’s a lot of fueled experience!!   

Because of his previous experience he is great with pumps and fuel systems. And because he has previous technical experience, he provides strong support for our meter products. Randy’s favorite part of the job is helping people. We have customers and end users of all types and of all product knowledge levels – getting them to a solution quickly and easily is satisfying! 

With Randy’s awesome hair, it should come as no surprise that he played on six internationally released albums by a respected, but “underground” heavy metal band. He still plays - whether it is drums, guitar or keyboards – everyday! Keep rockin’ it, Randy! 

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