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Women In Manufacturing: Cari Bockover

Women In Manufacturing: Cari Bockover

Meter line production flow coordinator Cari Bockover was a first-timer in the manufacturing industry when she came to Great Plains Industries. Employed here since 2017, Cari has held several positions, from assembly to Production Flow Coordinator (PFC) to meter scheduling. After some time in the scheduling position, Cari knew that the production floor was where she really wanted to be and made the move back to PFC. Cari believes that

“Women today set the example for women tomorrow:  What better role model is there for young women than women who break down gender barriers?”

Our resident eternal optimist, Cari brings an instinctual drive to help people and a want to create a space where people come to work and make quality products! She believes that work doesn’t always have to be “work” and with the right balance, team efficiency and morale can skyrocket!

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