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Women In Manufacturing: Jackie Jackson

Women In Manufacturing: Jackie Jackson

Jackie Jackson has been assembling pumps at Great Plains Industries for about two years. She came to the manufacturing industry in search of opportunities with higher pay and learning experience different from where she was currently working. Word of mouth told Jackie that Great Plains Industries holds expectations of standards of the best quality of their products.

Jackie highly encourages women to have careers with GPI (manufacturing) because of the competitive work training, safety, and the ability to move up in the company. She adds that GPI has good leadership, management, and friendly people to work with.

Jackie’s supervisor Ken Bollinger adds,

“Jackie works a full time job on 1st shift before coming to work here on 2nd shift. She does this willingly to support her family, and she is a big driver of any production numbers where she is involved. Jackie cannot stand still and her hands must always be busy. To that end she can be a bit bossy if you don’t work at or near her standards. Jackie has an infectious smile and is well liked by her shift mates.”

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