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Women In Manufacturing: Jessica Gama

Women In Manufacturing: Jessica Gama

Jessica Gama has a long history in customer service before her move to manufacturing. After twelve years in retail and call centers – definitely not her calling – Jessica found Great Plains Industries through a temp agency. She worked on the line as an assembler for almost 6 years and in August 2023 she was promoted to Motor Technician.

As to why she would encourage women to have a career in manufacturing, Jessica says,

“If you don't like being tied down to a desk and like to be active at a job this is where it’s at.  I have really learned a lot since being here and continue to learn. I would so rather deal with a mechanical issue than a people issue lol.”

According to Ken Bollinger, her supervisor,

“Jessica is the go-to person for nearly anything for 2nd shift short of training, which is Lisa’s job. Additionally, she makes herself busy every night building parts and pieces anywhere we are short, or in any spot where she can be productive. Jessica is very well liked and respected and to date seems to be loved by all who know her. Jessica started out as an assembler, but soon became very adept at anything she was given exposure to. Lastly, she is kind, funny, and just a pure joy to be around.”

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