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Women In Manufacturing: Kadedra Lawson

Women In Manufacturing: Kadedra Lawson

Kadedra Lawson is Great Plains Industries’ wonderful Warehouse Operations Manager. Kadedra joined our team in 2014 when a friend who worked here recommended that she join us, and the rest is history,

“Prior to GPI, I did not have any manufacturing or warehouse experience. GPI and I ‘took a shot in the dark’ and now I have a forever career.”

What does Kadedra love about her job?

“I LOVE the family atmosphere. The warehouse team has become like my second family – I enjoy working with each person. I have built friendships that will last a lifetime. GPI’s leadership team helped bring out strengths in me that I didn’t know existed. I am encouraged to be creative with my work and my team. I enjoy that I am allowed to be myself here.”

She has held many other positions since she joined our team, starting as a Line Server, moving from Receiving Clerk, Warehouse Assistant Lead, and Warehouse Lead.

When asked if she would encourage other females to pursue careers in manufacturing, she says,

“Manufacturing used to have a stigma of being a ‘man’s job’ and sometimes that rumor still lingers around. In 2024 that is far from the truth. Manufacturing is a career path for everyone no matter their gender. I have found a true passion for working in manufacturing/warehousing.”

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