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Engineering Week Spotlight: Steve Severin

Engineering Week Spotlight: Steve Severin

Engineer Steve Severin is Great Plains Industries’ time-tested trailblazer. Forty-eight years ago, when he joined the company, there were no desktop computers and scientific calculators were exciting new technology. GPI was a brand-new company and Steve was looking for a job where he didn’t have to travel as much.

Steve grew up on a farm where rebuilding and servicing equipment was the norm. In high school, he was able to simultaneously attend technical school, and then attended Oklahoma State University – for no more than $12 per semester - while working as a John Deere Diesel Mechanic.

A car and motorcycle enthusiast , Steve can frequently be heard talking about cars. In another, wealthier life, Steve may have even been a professional drag racer, but he seems pretty happy with his current one,

“I really enjoy my job. I get to work with a great group of knowledgeable people, and the fuel pumps we sell are used to pump race gas at the drag strip, yea.”

Steve shares his outlook on 48 years as our team member,

“GPI is not only a great place to work, but we strive for innovative, cost-effective products. The work atmosphere is great as there are so many knowledgeable people that can be used for help/reference when needed.”

Steve shows off his beloved pocket protector.

 Outside of work, Steve enjoys time with grandchildren and riding motorcycles, and begrudgingly sweeping up berries for his donkeys who like to imbibe a bit too much.

Steve is an invaluable asset to Great Plains Industries. Not only does he bring a lifetime’s wealth of knowledge, but an impermeable air of positivity. We are incredibly lucky to have you, Steve, and we thank you for being a devoted employee for all these years!
Halloween 2008 – Steve and the Engineering team dress as 1950s NASA engineers. Not much has changed with Steve’s attire since then, pocket protector included!
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