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Spotlight on Wellness April 2023

Spotlight on Wellness April 2023

Millions of employees spend most of their time in the workplace, so the impact that the workplace has on their wellness is increasing every year! GPV understands this and values their employees' wellness, so they are determined to offer the resources needed to stay healthy and well. Every month GPV Wellness features an employee to find out how they get moving and stay healthy.

For the month of April meet Katelynn Cain and get an insight on how she gets moving and stays healthy.

Katelynn Cain Production trainer at GPI

What do you do to stay active? 
I recently started working out during my lunches at the GPV gym during their group classes. I also enjoy spending time outside walking my dogs, going fishing and kayaking with my boyfriend.

What is your favorite physical activity or activities?
I enjoy hunting in the Black Hills, swimming and fishing.

Tell us about a recent wellness success you had?
Since I started working here in March of 2021, I was able to lose about 30lbs by changing my diet. Then it all just stopped and I found myself struggling with my weight again. But since February of 2023 I’ve been working out during my lunches at the GPV gym and I was finally able to see more progress.

What have been some barriers to staying active?
Working full-time and attending school definitely makes it harder to stay active, but the best thing for me is when I do have down time I find something productive or active that is also enjoyable to do. Doing those things with friends or family also makes it easier and more enjoyable as well.

What advice do you have for someone trying to improve their overall wellness?
Ignore the scale. Honestly the best thing I did for myself when I started working out was I told myself I wasn’t going to weight myself for the first month. I knew when starting to work out you either build muscle or water weight and I didn’t want that to affect my motivation. And I’m glad I didn’t because that is exactly what happened. Even though I couldn’t see the changes, people around me could. People I least expected it from came up to me and said how much improvement I have made. So, try and trust the process. It takes time unfortunately, just remember to be easier on yourself. 


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