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Spotlight on Wellness February 2023

Spotlight on Wellness February 2023

Millions of employees spend most of their time in the workplace, so the impact that the workplace has on their wellness is increasing every year! GPV understands this and values their employees' wellness, so they are determined to offer the resources needed to stay healthy and well. Every month GPV Wellness features an employee to find out how they get moving and stay healthy.

For the month of February meet Gretchen Madddox and get an insight on how she gets moving and stays healthy.

What do you do to stay active? 
To stay active,I like to do Yoga 3-4 times a week as well as going over to the GPV Gym after work for Spin class twice a week. Yoga is my favorite but I also enjoy tennis and softball! 

What motivates you to be well?
I’ve noticed my body, mind and soul feel great whenI take care them! 

Tell us about a recent wellness success you had?
Over 2022 I had a goal to lose weight and take better care of my body. By the end of the year I had lost 30 pounds from where I had started! 

What have been some barriers to staying active?
A big one is being exhausted after working on my feet all day. I enjoy working out so giving my body that extra push and going to the gym or doing yoga at home makes me feel good. Plus, I sleep so much better at night after a good workout! 

Do you have any health-related goals you are currently working on?
My main goal right now is to take the time to do one thing I love everyday! (And no, lounging around watching T.V. does not count!) 

Another goal is to lose 30 more pounds before my wedding in 2024! To Reach this goal I have started intermittent fasting and so far, I am loving it! I have an 8-hour eating window, eating 90% clean during that window. During my 12 hour off window, I only drink water, unsweetened tea and black coffee. 

What advice do you have for someone trying to improve their overall wellness?
Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re going to have days that are harder than others, just keep working towards your goal! Have that slice of cake! Work to reduce your stress, that will play a huge role in reaching goals! 



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